2 Make it big close to home


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Last nights winner of America's got talent is a yearly visitor to our tri-state fair.
Nice guy I got to help him move equipment a couple of times. I help out at the fair in the food and beverage organizing. there.

the winner of the lot is from Canyon TX wich is more or less a suburb of my town of Amarillo.

too close too cool.
to see someone so close make it so bog
i wanted that other guy to win...the dude who played guitar, i actually liked his music. but i guess ill complain somewhere else. lol. pretty cool knowing the winner though
hmmm i didnt watch it last night. looks like the ventriloquist won. impressive.

All those people were talented. im sure a lot of them will get noticed just for being on the show.
I am famouse Baron
I am world renoun for being the one who constantly kills you in game

Lol nice... yea i have yearly encounters with a couple of famous people... Boomer Esiason was born and raised in my town and i see him a lot actually... and Mike Kommisarek who plays D for the Montreal Canadians was also born and still lives here ... so i see him a lot as well

O... and Chris Angel Mindfreak lives down the block lmao