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Im checking out getting Garys Mod, and I googled it and i saw you can get Gmod from steam for like $10, I just want to make sure that this is the right one to get. I am not educated in this area, but i really would like to get the gmod Death uses. Looks like fun and I would enjoy making sigs for everybody who wants one.
yah its the one here are some things u can do with it i made these!








knocker i use garrys mod 10..which you should be able to get off steam and you can get garrys mod 9 some where for free...but theres no dod guys in garrys mod 9
Do you have to own the regular Garys Mod in order to get the tenth? I just read that if you own CS:S or DOD you can get ragdolls and props and stuff on Gary's Mod if you own those games. Does this mean I should get just regular Gary's Mod? Because I'm searching Gary's Mod 10 and it isn't bringing it up at all.
Garry's Mod 10 is the one to get, I use it all the time, its loads of fun, and yes, it is only $10...same one death uses :D ....and to answer your question DK...garry's mod is a "mod" more than a game, its where you can spawn any object from the source engine, if you have counter strike source, you can use counter strike stuff, and same with DoD and half life 2...you can spawn rag dolls, which are basically dead bodies, and you can put them in positions, and you can weld stuff together for building things, make cool scenes and such...its a fun game!!!!!!!!!! :D.....the game is a "sandbox" kind of game. You can also download mods for the game as well.... http://garrysmod.org/downloads/?637298584

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