Your Future?

mmmm well one thing for sure is that i want to be alive....and doing something with machines
Something computer related or making stuff (with wood)...or stuff like that :) .....and like Thor said ...."I'll be the emperor of the universe. Seriously, I have it all planned out. "....HE TOOK MY PLANS AGAIN!!!! :mad:
im a senior in electrical engineering and id like to get a job at an audio company, like shure, klipsch, jl something along those lines, but any job doing EE work would be nice
Currently looking at majoring in Physics and Math and then going on to engineering school. What specific field, I do not yet know.
just studying biochem. trying to get past that hell first. after that im not really sure... i've thought about medical school or just sticking with my true passion Women Studies and Feminist theory. (im not the evil kind of feminist who hates all men and think that they should be kept underground and used for breeding purposes only.^^) im the nice kind =)
More important than simply "what" is acknowleding that we become what, through who. Any job, any career, any life -- when we're dying chances are we're not remembering the fact that we were an engineer or an artist, we're remembering who we spent our lives with while being these things.

Before I concern myself with the what, I would like to have a sense of who will be there while I become the what. Given this, my primary concern in life right now is people, friends, and finding them. I could talk about how I'm a decent artist, how I'm considering becoming a teacher, about how I could probably do a great many things, but they all take second place to the people I'll be with on the way.
I hope to finish my university this year, so i can start as a pharmacist next year:D.. Would be nice to make a living that way.. If i don't finish my university... well.. i'll probably need to play more DoD:S right ;)
well i am too old so my future is now my past. and I want to make my past better than my future was and make my last days as fun as they can be and to make all my kids future better than my past and have more money than i did in the past future.

Hmmm, I too have a passion for writing and have made a number of stories myself already, that probably comes from my love of reading (yeah yeah, big nerd alert). As far as a career goes I hope to get into some sort of 3D modeling and/or animation, maybe get a job with Pixar or Dreamworks, or maybe some gaming company. If not that, than something else having to do with the development of movies or games.