Call of Duty4 Server News - 24/7 Search and Destroy - with MAP ROTATION


Server News - 24/7 Search and Destroy - ROTATIONAL

Ok, you guys asked for it.
Now you've got it. :D
Last night we changed the 24/7 Vacant TDM Server to 24/7 S&D -ROTATIONAL Server.

Here's the skinny on the server....

Search and Destroy.
Multibomb (so everyone can carry a bomb) (to keep people from hijacking the bomb and camping in a corner)
Friendly Fire is off (to keep team killers at bay)
Spectating is set for Team only.
Plant time and defuse time is exactly the same as CAL rules.
Plant time is 5
Defuse time is 7

Helicopters and Airstrikes are enabled.. so go wild :) (and no we won't change that)
Every 3 rounds it changes sides.
First to score 6 round wins.. wins the map. (at least I think thats what we set it to... My memory is bad)
Map Timer is 3 Minutes. (that way people aren't sitting around forever waiting for the next round)
Bomb Beep will start at 45 seconds

Map Rotation...
I can't remember the exact order.

Backlot, Crossfire, Crash, Bloc, Overgrown, Vacant, Broadcast, and Strike
(Think that was it.... again my memory is bad.. need upgrade)

Hopefully you guys really enjoy this and support it.
This is a big deal guys.. make sure we don't regret this decision.
Remember you asked for it :p
Guarantee you'll see me there. Last night we had a blast.
Let's Do this !!

OH YEAH>> MAP ROTATIONS>>>> YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: Disregard the B3 message that says not to use Grenades for the first 20 Seconds at the beginning of the round.
We will get rid of that message soon.

and shadow and eire and whoever else was involved in this decision I love you too

Wasn't me.......Blame Moonwaukke........Nah I think Toms was the master mind behind the idea. Thank him. But lets play lads.
woooooohooooooooooo!!!=DDDD thanks to all the CoD leadership for their efforts, this IS what everyone was asking for, they should be really willing to support it now!! just one question... who did u kill/pay off to get this? ;p ;p nah, joking, i know you wouldn't kill anyone!! (i hope ;p)
Woo hoo! Alright, a different game mode AND a map rotation? Pinch me, I'm dreaming.

Good work, and thank you for the variety.
yaaaa for SnD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go guys and we got rotational!!!

lol that noo nades in the first 20 sec rule has been there since the HC TACT sever. lawl

but thanks guys. you should add Ambush to the rotations...its a good map for pub snd cuz of many players!
I'm pretty new to COD, and I don't see what the reason there is for the no explosives in first 20 secs. someone enlighten me.

PS: Disregard the B3 message that says not to use Grenades for the first 20 Seconds at the beginning of the round.
We will get rid of that message soon.

The no explosives in the first 20 seconds is from when the server was a Hardcore Tactical server. To keep people from chucking grenades into spawn locations. There were alot more rules on the server back then... They don't apply to this server now.
I like everything beside the maps you choose...all I want is to play with my eGO brothers and sisters on some ambush...
this is pro gangster

i approve of this server

this is awsome, my comp is getting overhauled after being down for almost 3 months now, and i had doubts about reinstalling cod4. if this server thrives, AND I KNOW IT WILL, youll see me on here more than i am on wow in my free time

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