[poll] Favorite Class

Support, Sniper, Rifleman, Rocket in that order.

Never play assault because I like the things I shoot at to die.
Never play MG because I get bored.
I actually switch between all the weapons pretty frequently and can manage relatively well. I enjoy the kar a great deal though, and depending on my mood the garand is also a fine weapon. Used to like support as well, but moving on to some of the assault weapons.
I tend to stick to assault and support mainly. The last few days though, I've been getting the sniper and having fun with it and I'm OK with the rifles. I use to be a beast with the KAR, but playing with the other classes made me lose my skill with it, so I don't use the rifles that much. I for some reason can't use the rocket class very well either, I give props to anyone who can use that class so good. These are my choice weapons: Allied Thompson, Axis STG44, Allied Springfield, Axis KAR.
I'm a rocket man to the core. I only go support if I don't know the map, the class is full, or I'm lagging consistently enough that I can't get the jump on any snipers or MGs.

Oh yeah, and I actually use my 'schreck. I don't just run around for the secondary.