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i have an idea. We should have a section in the fourms for spray and art imagis. I was thinking that in this section we could share sprays and signitures with other players who want a spray or signiture but cant make it or dont know how to. Like me for instats, i have a spray but its very stupid and i was woundering if anyone could make me a spray so i could put it in the game, or to use as a signiture in the fourms. Just thought i throw that out there !lol
You could make a thread, but a whole forum of art would be shockingly similar. Grimzors and Melissa can help you with sigs and avatars.
well i have a question then... can any of you make me a new spray thats cool and that reads =(e)=OneShotOneKill???
ya a thread on images would be pretty sweet. and i'm pretty good with photoshop if anyone wants a sig. if grim or mel isnt availible. i did mine. its not the greatest but i was just throwing stuff together. if anyone wants me to do one then just pm me what they want. and please be specific i hate it when people say "make it look cool" thats too general.
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