Admin and you!


Quick reminder for all admins! If you have admin in 1 game, you have admin in all games eGO has to offer. This will be regarding ANY source game we are in. CoD runs on a different admin database, in order to get admin for CoD4-5, you must contact the CoD leadership IE the Division Leaders.

So if you are an admin, with admin, and you are in our servers without our tags, and you don't respond to the other admins request, you may get banned. Please, if you have admin and you are in our servers make sure you are wearing our tag. We've had a couple of issues with admins not wearing our tags in the severs. They obviously got banned and we sorted it out later, but we really want to prevent this, its not good to see our members getting banned, for a reason that you/we could avoid.

Also, we may conceive you as a player that doesn't want to be in eGO anymore, so we may take away your admin, if you don't respond. This is a very big deal that needs to be address. So make sure if you have admin, and you are playing in eGO's server, you must wear our tag.

L4D'S admin is currently in development stage, it works then it doesn't work. So if you don't have admin in L4D, please don't worry just play and have fun. L4D is a different type of game from what we are used to, its kind of hard to admin. For now, please don't worry about admining L4D servers, unless they are totally being ignorant.

TF2 had some issues with the PL maps IE Goldrush and Cashworks, there is a new problem that valve needs to fix and hasn't yet. In the mean time we have a fix and is currently installed on our PL map servers.

PS. Don't forget INS meeting tonight at:
For eG's and eGO's, meeting in eG room. All is welcome.
Time: 10:00pm eastern
9:00pm central
8:00pm mountain
7:00pm pacific

PSS We are going to have a meeting Saturday Night (Feb 28th, 2009) at:

9:00 pm Pacific
10:00 pm Mountain
11:00 pm Central
12:00 am Eastern
5:00 am London
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Also, don't forget guys - if you are from the CoD division and decide you want to play some of the steam games, you need to get yourself MAUL verified. Otherwise your fellow eGOs will see you in the servers without admin, and could possibly wind up banning you - whether or not you say you're from the CoD division.
I totally agree with the whole statement about adminning--if you don't want to admin than don't be an admin.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the Saturday night meeting. Will there be recordings of it?
Thanks for the information GG. I am sorry I cannot come to the clanwide meeting, as it will be my birthday the 28th :D I was born on the 29th, but that doesn't come this year :3

I might come to the INS meeting though :D
should be @ both meetings
im away for the weekend but i bought my headset with me and downloaded vent so im ready to rock....
Why would you change your name, just to go on a non-ego server?
Wear the tag with pride!

They do that for a variety of reasons. Here are some of them:
1) Different clan
2) To do things eGO doesn't allow :(
3) Etc.

Are there any recordings of the INS Meeting?
Roger That. Understood. For us old timers it is called "Smurfing".
Nothing worse than a SMURF! It makes you look "Shady"
Roger That. Understood. For us old timers it is called "Smurfing".
Nothing worse than a SMURF! It makes you look "Shady"

Old time? Watch how you use that word. The clan is always picking on me for being old. LOL!

How old are you?