i need help with an image

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ok i am new to making images and stuff. i was playin with photoshop and a few images i found and i put it all together but i dont know how to load it as a signature on here. anyone's help is greatly appriciated.


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Hmm...wish I had photoshop. Grimzors and Melissa are pros...they'll respond to this thread eventually.

Jack Rot

you have the image done?, ok do you have a photobucket account? if not sign up its free image hosting site, load it up on there, then copy the first code it gives you out of the 3, then on your profile page for this site, where it says signature press to edit ti or w/e then hit the img symbol at the bottom of the typing box,( it looks like a tree with color or something) then when those 2 things like this [ img] and [/img ] pop up, put the code in between the 2 img signs liek this [ img] code [/img ], i hope this gets you to do it right :)
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