Worst time to miss a screenshot! (Massive Knifing)


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I wasn't able to get the screen shot, but I'm sure you could ask Loki, Sons of Liberty, or VIPER this because they were all in the server with me.

But I was in avalanche, being a sneaky with my BAR when I jump out the Axis apartment door to see that there are six, yes six, Germans defending the fountain. Since they were all tightly woven I thought I might want to throw a grenade, but wait, they are all facing away from me so I could easily sneak up behind them...

I knifed all six of them, we capped the flag, and won the game. I feel so proud, but I wish I'd gotten a screen shot...
nice the most ive ever gotten is only like 3-4 most of the time they are like mgs and snipers too.thats awsome
meh nothing like my 7 or so knife fest on kalt....oh that box saved my life...and the nazi's short attetion spans :p
people always turn around just as I'm about to do it, then I wish I'd shot em. Though I was in strand and I knifed like 3 people in the bunker. Proof that whoever was sniping neither listens out for people creeping up behind him but also didn't pay attention to the kill bars.
I don't think I've had more than 3 melee kills in a row as of yet, I never attempt more than that. Personally I like mixing up my weapons, I just like long rapid kill streaks. I love playing on Avalanche or Donner and killing a couple people with my primary weapon, punching a guy in the face just as the nade I tossed blows someone up in the back when another guy comes around the corner, I punch him in the face and while getting shot at I drop my weapon (that's out of bullets and I have no time to reload) so I can pick up the STG44 on the ground and kill another two guys with that. All in like a 15 second time span.

...now those are fun. And exciting!

But 6 melee kills is still fun to be able to say you've pulled off. Cool stuff Thor.
wow 6 all at once i can never get more than 3 and my melees are always spread out. God i love knifing/punching/shoveling my best record was like 30 melees out of 160 kills in an hour
i agree with corp that used to happen to me on ava. lol im really unprofessional at those things. probably when ur allies on strand and ur going to the axis bunker is the best time to take out the knife XD