My new map

Acid Green

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I made a new map way better than my last one, have a look:











If you have any ideas on it tell me :)
Heres some info i forgot to say:

1 person is capable of capturing all the points.

The middle takes 10 seconds to cap.

Name: dod_warforest

There is sniper points that are good, and same for MGs

I haven't gotten the voice to play when someone caps a flag.
you should make at least one flag (the middle preferably) have to be capped by two ppl or three. but this map looks like a huge great scrim map waiting to be, just my opinion
yea. maybe i should make the middle have to be captured by 2 people.

Anyone want to test it out i can setup a download place for it
looks like a great map make sure its not too big cause then when less people are playin its still fun
Me and Rocket Chump were playing 1 on 1 and we wtill had a blast and it was a lot of action even for it's size.

I updated a few things:
You can now get onto the bases
The stiars or straight and not crooked
There are cliffes keeping people inside tha map
If anyone wants to try it out.....i can fire up my server and we can play on it. my server doesn't appear on the list so youll have to connect by ip which is:

Thats the server me and racket chump were playing on.

Oh and =(eG)=/=(eGO)= members, give me your steam id if you want me to add you as an admin.
That was so fun i got Lucky and another guy in there and we did fast mo and me and lucky were winning a round before th win music was done playing lol
yeah haveing a flag required more then one person sort of demonstrates team work .... there was a map where u need 4 people for each flags so we need groups of people.!! And also good job bro