out for a bit


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The parents have PERMANENTLY deleted DoD from my computer because they say its affecting the comp speed and getting virusis and stuff so ill be out for a bit. Im tryin to get a laptop so i can play. Just wanted to know if its much harder to play on a laptop rather than a computer? Ill come onto the forums a lot and hopefully ill be back mid September.
hey pro,

i'm sorry to hear that you won't be playing for a while!!! i played with your cousin today, handslikeglue, and he told me what happened :( a laptop sounds nice. i know of a lot people who play fps on laptops and they seem to have an okay time doing so.. but i'm sure it's not as nice as a desktop. just be sure to get a separate mouse for it. well hope to play with you soon.
the only way i could play is if i d-loaded everything and played that night and then deleted it all after which would be VERY tedious but i guess thats just what ill have to do until i get my laptop idk though
ja how can dod give you a virus? dod goes through steam..and steam doesnt send people viruses..and dont say they do!! thats other people
ya i had my diablo 2 deletd for the same reason. i then prved to them that it was miniclip.com that was the source