What is it with those sigs?


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i dont know y but i see people with lets give an example Major in Murder (kills with rocket) Corporal Punishment. lol no offense corp its more the other way around =P. anyways i just wanna know why people are doing it !whoa thanks guys.
lol... i made mine... not morbid.. but yea just take a screen shot in the game and someone will be happy to make it for u if you want it... its just a cool little thing... no big reason why people have them
ahh gotcha had no idea what it was. the killing i gave was an example. thanks. i was lost y they are there though but i think i got the general idea.
well when you kill someone on a server take a screenshot, then you got bragging rights. Especially if you where for instance to knife or punch a council member. I've also got a pic of me knifing kaos duse and rocketing Revelations, I'm still deciding whether or not I should use them. A good one would be punching slayer

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