this game

Baron Rojo

EGO Is My Life!
is very fun!!! joan showed me this game
if you are tired and need a little break from DoD and just Laugh for a bit

i recommend playing this game

is very fun

people draw and you have to guess what it is!!! i played for a few hours and Laugh me butt of
everyone get a turn to To draw what they have to

a word appears at the bottom like

Soup , you would have to draw the soup = ) and everyone trys to guess what it is

its very fun TRy it everyone!
That game is several years old, I used to play it in the 7th grade. I remember being weirded out because it's a common place for weird cyber comments and general...inappropriate...ness.

I dare not go back.
i used to play that WAY back when i was in first grade. but i quit once ppl started drawing stuff that wasnt supposed to be drawn...u can use your imagination
i also used to play this when i was in grade 7. but it seems that the older u get the more fun it is. It's so funny watching someone draw a car and someone else guess a fishing hook =P
I can never get enough

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