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Tommy Simpson, Kamakize Tommy, is in the hospital at this time. He is either having problems with gallstones, or a relapse of his pancreatitis.

He called me Sunday morning on the phone from the hospital emergency room, said he was feeling really bad and hurting a lot, and had his daughter Stephanie drive him there.

I called last night, but he's pretty doped up right now...

Hopefully he will get better, the bad thing is he has very acute diabetes and with that, they have to be very careful on treatment, to make sure his blood sugar does not go too low or too high.

I'll keep everyone posted as I find more information out.

Update: He has had laproscopic surgery and they've removed his gall bladder. Talked to him a little bit ago, and he sounded pretty good .. I told him he sounded pretty good and he said it was the drugs (lol!).

Still hit or miss on whether or not he has the pancreatitis...
Normally I'd make some wisecrack or joke but this is not the time nor the place. We all hope Tommy gets better, I like playin with him.

If I believed in God, I'd pray for him. But seeing as I am an atheist, all i can do is hope, wait, and see.
I don't know him never met him but i always am conserned if someone is in a high preseure situation like tom. I'll pray for him.
Talked to him this afternoon and passed on everyone's well wishes. He said they had him up and walking around today, still on pain shots, so he's a happy happy person.

The surgeon dropped by today and told him he has like (did he say 120?) a lot of gall stones in his gall bladder. The surgeon said it looked dead and was deteriorating quickly - and had he waited another day or two it could have proven to be very, very serious.

He says ther're going to probably send him home tomorrow... They would have sent him home yesterday (doesn't sound right to me, but the drugs say things, too) :) but he was running a slight fever..
thats great that he is alright now. my mom actually had gallstones taken out about a year ago it wasnt as serious as tommys though.
Do you think he can talk on the fourms and say to everyone himself how he is fealing?? or is it too soon?
Good news everyone I am home. Very tired and weak but I am home. More once I get some rest. I want to thank everyone this has been a tough week.
We feel your pain man, welcome back to the world. I hope your recovery process is speedy and painless. Sorry you had to go through all that.
I am feeling a lot better guys and I want to thank all of you. I made it in for a little while last nioght and will be in more when I can sit for longer times. Again I want to say thank you has been a very tough week.
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