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I believe one of the key points of keeping life in the clan is to keep the Forum ACTIVE! Lots of posts about yourselves, games , etc. For instance I was reading about M.O.U.T. tactics. (Military Operations IN Urban Terrain). http://earthops.org/sovereign/urban_warfare/ APPENDIX G... How To Attack And Clear A Building is really cool! It is a long read and there is so much more out there on the subject but worth reading to increase your gaming skill. Knowledge is power right... and DOD isn't a deathmatch run and gun Quake style game ..it uses real tactics that swat etc. would use. For instance I hate when someone starts calling another person a camper (cause there getting owned)...no such thing in this day and age of shooters..its called "holding a tactical advantage point"..lol cheesy huh?! for instance , I find it challenging and fun when a MG is set up and you have to find another rout to flank him or whatever. Most of M.o.u.t. is based on 4 man teams (but it was be so cool to a whole team organized into 2 /4 man units Alpha and Delta and have them go out to get flags while another group covers with snipers and Mgs. Xbox has a game called Full Spectrum Worrier that the Army actually made based on all this . I played both of them and they really are great. Here is a link to the videos handbook on some tactics. http://www.fullspectrumwarrior.com/gm_tactics_playbook.php

Well, as you can tell I am really excited about or Clan ! !lol
yep, nothing like it. Been trying to pick them up and toss them back lately..thats really fun.
I love your energy Brit! My wife is a cop and I read your top post to her. She's says YOU should become a cop.

We should try to organize that next time I'm in game - not that you have to wait for me - but I'de be interested in giving it a go.
I thought it was M.O.U.T.? At least that's what it says in Full Spectrum Warrior.

Anyway. I pick up nades that are thrown at me as often as a can. Usually they end up exploding in my hand or just after i throw it and I lost a kill point :(
I work on throwing a rifle nade at a wall picking it up and throwing it very challenging because you have to do it quick or it will explode. One way we can work on those things is to have our own cland practice session set up for some time. And also some friendly scrims with other clans.
ya i just try to nail as many ppl in da heads b4 i die that always works for me but it bugs me when i clear the area and no one will go and get the flag and by the time somone goes.i usualy gets caped in the head and it starts all over again.when im up top it means ive proly killed all the mg's or snipers and u go get flag
I thought it was M.O.U.T.? At least that's what it says in Full Spectrum Warrior.

your right. my bad. !grr
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