New Fundraising Idea that has HUGE Potential

hey, shibby here... i know im not a clan member yet and im only a recruit but i don't think its too early to try and work up some more creative ways to pay for the servers.... so heres my plan...

ive been in another very high ranked clan b4 and one of the things they did that paid for the majority of there servers for a while and for a while was....


these two items can bring in alot of revenue...

all we would need is johnt or someone else to contact a shirt company and give them a design and then order a few shirts and hats at a time and then have ppl buy them at the "future" store addition of the website...

you can prolly get them wholesale at 10 dollars a shirt and then sell for 19.95 +shipping... thats 10 dollars a shirt for the #1 clan in the world = alot of cash for the server...

plz post your thoughts on this idea...
I think this would be a good idea. If the clan made t-shirts and hats, most likely id by one or both :) ....but it mostly depends of what the council members and such would want to do
This idea has been thrown around in the past, but I believe it was rejected after some cost-benefit analysis.
I think I can see why. You order 50 shirts say at 20 dollars a piece and sell them at 25. Only half of the people buy lose out..alot.
Yes and plus, theres thousands of ppl who are registered site members... just a t-shirt with revenue of 10 dollars and hat with revenue of 7-8 dollars. This means almost 18 dollars a person that buys the t-shirt and hat combo... also you could have a special combo sale..

T-shirt: $19.95

Hat: $15.95

Combo: $32.95

or something along those lines...

Theres only one potential issue with this... at first its going to be great... your gonna pick up alot and i mean alot of cash... cause its an established clan with a new idea.. so u have all your potential buyers right off the bat... but you could also say like buying the combo helps u get recognized as a recruit and stuff just like donating and stuff...
well find a dropshipper who can send the shirts straight from their wharehouse as you go... that way you don't order 50... and not sell out and then loose money... thats how alot of power selling and stuff is done on ebay...dropshipping is the most secure way to sell stuff without getting caught with debt...
not good to sport any shirt with lettering on it lol, ppl will sterio-type, and trouble will rise, well atleast around here
not good to sport any shirt with lettering on it lol, ppl will sterio-type, and trouble will rise, well atleast around here


where exactly is here? these shirts don't have to be merely anything but a way to get something back and still donate... you don't have to wear them in public? just make the shirt say eGO on them
simple shirts
Over at (not a gaming place, it's a public access unix system lots of people use for irc, shell programming, etc.), they publish shirts and such every couple months.

Instead of getting 20 of each shirt size and ending up out of some items and extras of others,hoping they sell( which means someone's money is locked up in them), they take a group order every few months and people pay up front. The order is sent off to be made and then the items ship. By getting a specific number of items made, they eliminate tying up someone's money(altho they do get a few extras to sell on-demand, but they cost more than if people had pre-ordered). CafePress and their ilk just take such a huge slice of the pie, it's almost a rip.

On the other hand, my brother has a t-shirt press for his beer business and he gets the blank shirts for 3 bucks each and the applique for a buck each(altho it's only monocolor). He sells em mostly to promote his business so theyre priced cheap($12, which is amazing since most shirts at concerts and convestions *start* at $25).

Have yall thought about doing a clan rummage sale where people donate items(lots of people are always upgrading their vid cards and the old one usually just sits on a shelf) and whatever they sell for goes to the server fund?
ill private message johnt and see what he things about the idea... ill have him visit our thread and put it up before the council...
It sounds like a decent idea, we talked about it on the server earlier.

Umm first off, who is going to invest their money into it? Who will design them? how will we buy them?

I was thinking maybe an edgegamers ebay store or something. but then again, that costs money too.

You said there are thousands of members, well not all those people are active in the clan. i'd say we have MAYBE 400 people that actually play and participate on the forums.

A lot of our members are underage and dont have credit cards to buy shirts.

i dont know, tell me how you guys figure this out, i would probably buy a shirt.
I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm down.

At my race on the 15th I'll have 2 stickers on the left chin of my helmet - an "" sticker and an "" sticker right below it.

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