Hey everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that I am starting school on Monday, which means I wont be on during the day anymore or as much as usual unless I have it off or am "sick".After school I have to do homework, then ill be on, unless I have to work, then I have to do homework after that and I wont be on till late night.....thats IF I can make time to play during the week...ill be playing on weekends though! :D ......AND, I will still be on the forums as usual :) ....This all depends on what this school year is like, for all I know, Ill be playing DoD everyday !amazed , then again, for all i know, I might not play during the week at all :( , we'll just see what happens
Ya same here, my parents dont want me on during the week, but ill get on sometimes when their not home =P Ill be on a lot on the weekends, but ill still be as active on the forums
Ill probably be playing during the week despite work, school, and homework, because I'm not the smartest when it comes to my sleep habits, I tend to be on my computer and play videos games late into the night, like till 2-3 in the morning....and I go to school the next day feeling like crap, so.....ill be playing with you guys mostly at night :D but this year im going to TRY to go to bed earlier so I do better
true dat... i feel ya man i got the exact same thing going.. trying to jugle all that and play is difficult but us super studs get it done somehow... =P
hey walmaaaaaaaaaaart!!!

yes, school is very important! i'm sad that i won't be seeing you in game as often, but school should come first before dod :p hmm, i should give myself the same advice when it comes to work. oh well. i hope you have a good school year.. see you on the weekends!
Yea, im in college now so I can only afford to play mabey an hour a day if im lucky during the week. I can still play weekends but not like I did during the summer. I normally would play still during school but im trying to transfer to UCLA and need to keep a 3.5gpa or higher so =P

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