just out of curosity what does every bobys name mean?
eg noxus.
not the ovious ones like joht or big daddy. (soz) :)
mine means a pain in the ass. eg i am the bane of ur life .it is also a carecter in a book 4got which one though lol !amazed
my name? well if you couldn't tell by all the images mine is the a character from the sonic series : shadow the hedgehog the greatest character in the world.
Shino is based off a character frim naruto plus in jap it means bambo stick or somthing i dont know lol just soudns awsome brit helped me to decide from shino and my orginal name zero-125 haha,thnx again brit :p
Redshift From astronomy.

When you are observing an object in space that is moving away from you, the light you see is stretched out. This means light is shifted towards the red end of the spectrum. This is called a red shift. If the object is moving towards you, the light is shifted towards the blue end and is called a blue shift.

I used to be an astronomy buff for a while and when I had to think up yet another nick or userid, "Redshift" won the neuron/synapse lottery of thought.

Now aren't you sorry you started this thread? :p
haha np Shino! Thats cool Redshift! I love astronomy too. I thought you name came from that old video game.
Krakken: Its fierce, feared, and giant. It has no pity, no restraint, and the only way to stop it is killing it. It represents me.

Stormtrooper: I love Star Wars and nothing comes to mind more than a Stormtrooper from Star Wars (well, Darth Vader but he doesn't count its just unfair). And besides, it sounds kool.
Storm prettymuch hit the haystack on the head there but he missed one thing. Nobody else uses Krakken. I dont ever take a name from someone else.
Ah right!!! I forgot about that game. It was called Quantum Redshift for the x-box. My son used to love to play it.

Links are here, for anyone who didn't play it:

Redshift was also my nickname, I was a trained navy sniper (yep, they DO have them) and the guys knew I was into astronomy. One of them dropped a pun by saying I serviced targets by "redshifting" the bullet. It sort of (annoyingly) stuck after that.

Then again, I'm one of the "lucky ones" when it came to nicks. One of my buds picked up the name, "SnuffWeasel" .

It was FAR better being introduced as "Redshift:, rather than my fellow snipe, "Hey, I'd like you to meet, SnuffWeasel" . Snuff is a Brit, from Brighton, if memory serves.
Noyade - summary is a mass execution style by drowning. Wasn't totally familiar with it, but it's kind of an interesting mass killing(at least cheaper then gassing eh?).

1) A drowning of many persons at once, -- a method of execution practiced at Nantes in France during the Reign of Terror, by Jean Baptiste Carrier.

2) destruction or execution by drowning, esp. as practiced at Nantes, France, in 1793–94, during the Reign of Terror.
Noxus is a character in Metroid Prime: Hunters for the DS. I've been a big fan of Metroid ever since I knew what a video game was, and Hunters is a great game. The online play is surprisingly fun. Noxus is a cold, calculating zealot who uses wits and tactics combined with advanced weaponry to outsmart and eradicate his enemies. His special weapon in the game is an ice beam, which can be charged up to fire an ice wave freezing the target in place for a few seconds. Particularly useful in online, as I freeze people and then follow up by launching a missile into their face while they are still frozen and forced to watch it, killing them instantly. Plus, the name sounds cool.

My nickname on my soccer team was Krakken. I got it because of the way I play; Like I'm 200 pounds, and 8 feet tall. If your in my way, brace for impact or run like hell.

I was a lucky one for that too, we had "the Bus," "Minivan," and of course, the classic Texaco which for a reason that has been highly debated.
So what does a giant squid have to do with soccer? I can see how Kraken could possibly be used for some other sports, just having a hard time seeing the correlation between soccer and a squid.
Quite simple. Giant squid have no mercy. Just because I'm going up against another teammate doesn't mean I wil lhold back anything (I've gotten 7 red cards in 2 years of soccer and like 32938471928374 fouls). And besides, I did a report on giant squid in 6th grade. I've always loved that myth/fact depending on opinion.
Eh, I'm not to familiar with any man eating giant squids so I couldn't tell you if they've got no mercy. Your last post also brings up another question for me. Are you trying to say not holding back against team mates and getting red cards is something worth being praised?