strategy guide for ava?

I've been playing on avalanche for pretty much all the time that I've had DoD:S, and I thought it might be cool to take what I've learned from playing avalanche into sort of like a strategy guide (especially since some of the people i play with are, lets say unknowledgable about the map). there will be a lot to write about, so i thought i should ask whether or not i should even start this "project", because i'd rather not start if no one is willing to read it and give their thoughts on it. if this is successful, i might do one for other maps as well

thanks very much

-Ryu T.
Well I mean nobody's going to STOP you from writing it. I personally probably won't read it since I've been playing avalanche through and through since Source was released, and for four or five years before that on classic DoD...

But other people could surely benefit from it.
k then, thanks for the responses. I'll start to get to work on it. It's gonna be awhile before its done since there are so many things to know about it, so I may just post the guide in chapters whenever I'm done with it.

and viper, if you can I'll want your help in editing my work. and putting in your own tips.
Strategy for Ava = RUSH, DIE, REPEAT
[/quote1188253499]A day in Food Fight's life. o.o;

I actually prefer the "rush, kill, rush, kill" cycle. o_O
[quote1188334971=Ryu Takezaki]
well, rushing might work, but not if ur allied, and the germans set up a mg over their 2nd. unless, u have a good sniper.

That mg spot is easily downable with every class except the thompson and garand. Decent skills to down it with garand and great skills to down it with a thompson.
Go ahead and write it, but I seem to remember something already out there on Ava.

Before you do anything, google it and look at the existing ones. It would be sad if you recreated the wheel.
@ Redshift: I googled Avalanche Strategy Guide, but I didn't see anything there other than what to do in a real life avalanche and other gaming guides for like snowboarding games.

For everyone else, I'm gonna post in another thread a little sample of what I've already gotten finished. It's not much, and it's pretty much common sense, but hopefully it will help.