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My buddy and I are having a tough time thinking of stuff to do for G mod. So, we would like some suggestions from you guys. Just give us some basic ideas, and we will elaborate on them when we make them. Preferably funny ideas please :) more fun to make but if you have an awesome battle scene in mind, go ahead and speak up. Thanks!
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ok i got 1: the germans are beening killed by zombies while th americans are sitting in lawn chairs drinking and laughing

lol that is the most awesomest idea ever haha
Umm if you are ever bored in GMOD, its always fun to make fireworks.

take an explosive barrel, freeze it up in the air, put a thruster on it, then hold the thrust button. Then left click it with the physics gun to release it.

its a lot of fun to weld a bunch of barrels together, add spark emitters....

thats how i kill time anyways...
build some fun contraptions like cars or build a house make a rollercoaster(they are fun) i was making a rollercoaster but then i just stopped
[quote1188211350=†he £onely ñinja]

are not as cool as pirates!
ninjas r about a trillion times cooler than pirates

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