DOD:S Framerate as compared to other games.

DOD:S Has become almost UNPLAYABLE recently. For no reason, I now only get framerates at the maximum of 10.. This is with medium and low settings, with HDR off.

Here are my hardware specs
Windows Vista Ultimate
Pentium 4 Hyper Threaded at 3.2 ghz
2 gb of ram
256 mb radeon x800 pro
Sound Blaster Audigy 2

Compared to other games, this does not make sense.

Doom 3: Ultra Quality, 60-80 FPS

F.E.A.R. All settings maxed 32-50 FPS

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars all settings maxed, 60-80 FPS

BioShock high quality 28-34 FPS

All other source engine games: high quality, 60-80 FPS

Does anyone know why DOD:S won't play without having an unacceptable frame rate?
idk, I don't get that great of fps' either. I get like 10 max on stug :|
but I got like 89 on CSS the other day
Your graphics card is a little small... I have a ATI radeon x1050 that works great i get liek 40-60 fps
Actually my graphics card is kickass, DODS is the only game that won't get like 30-80 framerate. Even BioShock kicks out a good 36 maxed out, and my computer barely meets the minimum required. For a 2 year old graphics card, it's pretty good.
Oh, and I'm not even sure what the steam community beta is :( So I doubt I'm running it.
Okay. This is pissing me off! I just deleted all custom models I had, put 2 gigs of ram into my computer, and upgraded to a new 512 mb Radeon x1650, and now it's going SLOWER!!!! Every other game now runs at 20-30 frames higher, but DODS just gets slower. I'm probably going to have to give up playing DODS :( It's just unplayable at 8 frames per second on every possible graphics configuration.
wow..8 fps
your computer is better than mine and i get usually between 17-30 fps..sometimes it gets up there to like 55 though
your computer just hates DoDS lol
go in 2 youre graphics card driver and lower the quality settings imj not sure if this would help but try it just in case it does work
if you dont have your updated driver installed, your computer will crap on you. i think the most recent one for ati is version 7.9. make sure you have that or later. im running a 1900xt and i get about 70-80 fps on vista basic. by the way, vista is an fps killer. my fps cut in half when i switched from xp to vista
You shouldn't have to mess with your graphical settings at all, this sounds more like an deeper problem probably with your drivers.