Lt.Wolf's| tHe HaX0r's Custom Mod pack!! give it a try ^_^


ok well, a few of the guys have been into modding dod, changing out models,sounds,props ect. Well i did so to and thought i'd share it with everyone, so you can see what i play it.

heres pics of some of the mod changes

-US and Axis models replaces, new hand models, weapons, and sounds! *Warning* a few of these models are a High res version of it's former self, so if you have a weak system, dont try it.

Now, i took my Kar98 and Grand models because....yea i you guys dont need the advantage over me :p i need to stay above move of you ^_^

But please give feedback on everthing else. -fyi these are not things that i made but simply threw together, credit to those that made them.
if you want to jus try it, back up your materaisl,sounds,resources and models folders. then install these and play on your own server to see if you like them, but you do have to see the other players to view the player models.
well i dont know how to backup so i just made copies on my desktop...the lazy man way of backuping :D
well i dont know how to backup so i just made copies on my desktop...the lazy man way of backuping :D

You do realize that is what backing up means death, you weren't lazy at all, thats exactly what you were suppose to do :)
well sorry i am dumb....and they were a waste of my valuable time :( nothing changed for me...unless you have the same stuff i had
take some screens of your work and post it here. I'd like to see what im downloading before i actually download it.


I will just do it lol...








i have that m14 skin for my carbine, the thompson and i used to use both rifle skins, but i got rid of them cause they got a little annoying for me
my customized eotech garand
ak47 skin for stg44
bigshooter for bar
101st airborne allied skin
viewpoint k98, with fixed sights that came with the garand :p
and scoped k98 with shealth
and note in some pics it says "name" joined the waffen ss.. he has perfection mod installed aswell

i don't recognize the axis skin... and im thinking that one was a carbine.. but not 100% on it
Those are some pretty cool changes there. I always wanted just one change to a weapon that being a dark colored Kar98 for german rifleman instead of the light color stock. I like that picture of the BAR too with what is that in front of it folding bipod?
outbreak you stole my skins :( i have the some of the same ones except for the guys the thompson and the stg but all the others are the same
I downloaded new dound pack and it makes most of the guns sound more like the real one with a couple of exceptions.
the cool thing is I can hear very clearly what direction the shots are comming from fo rinstance there is a distinction in the axis mg and the allies mg. so i am not running around a conner and then ralizing it was a friendly mg. very helpful. I will try the one you have and see which i like better. I have tried other paks for custom character skins and weapon skins but not sure if it is the skins not working or if i am doing it wrong

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