A Fistful of Leaders

Someone has broken into the eGO casino.

They have been described by eye witnesses as:
"dressed in green hoodies"
"glowing in the dark"
"they fly"
"smelled like pizza"

After following lead after lead, we finally have found our culprits.
We need your help.
Every time we are close to capturing them, they escape.
For your help, you will be rewarded... handsomely.​


We also have reason to believe that some council members have possibly been aiding and abetting these criminals. To bring them in for questioning, we are also offering a BONUS award for each of them.​

receive 4,000 casino dollars for every 4 members of TF2 leadership you dominate

receive 50,000 casino dollars and massive braggin' rights once you get all 16 members of TF2 leadership

receive 10,000 casino dollars for each council member you dominate in TF2



Be warned, these guys do NOT want to be brought in. They will hire people, out of their own stolen casino accounts, to help get you before you can dominate them. They are cagey and will try anything to escape capture.

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Great Idea Leadership. This is a great event to take part of and also keep the servers populated at the same time. Keep up the good work and look out for my sniper dot on your forehead!
As the 'wildcard' advisor (as someone on IRC put it) and known associate of the TF2 leadership, I will bounty my own head. The first person to dominate me, and PM me on the forums afterwards, gets...

Beware... I have been known to kill trykael easily...

It was in admin training :(
LOL I was the heavy, and did the taunt with the fists.. I am still learning more and more about TF2
Y'all know...

...back in the day. When rewards were posted for the scummy despicable outlaw villains who thought themselves above the law and beyond the reach of justice.

People formed posses and then split the reward amongst everyone who brought the contemptible fugitives to justice....

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