What the Hell is this video about?

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I am merely an agent here to give you keys to the Universe. It’s up to you to open the door. Somewhere encoded in the video is the all truth.. Or just some funny $^*#
Another avatar and sig?!! Kool. Let me guess above the Britkitty is is in some alphabet I cant read. However, the bottom one says: Tobai (prounounced toe bye). I know I got that part. However what the word means is still unknown to me as I speak only a little Japenese though I can read Hirigana pretty well.

But, back to business, that movie was extremely pointless. Where do you get all this stuff? I wanna know so I can avoid it :)
wow that was preaty cool though. i mean think about it you try stoping in a pose randomly and holding, then doing sweet moves at like age 5...
People from the UK are naturally weird (or "more civilized"). I know, I have like 5 friends on xfire from the UK. Anyways, Europeans (except the French, nobody likes them) are always pretty kool.
Not open for further replies.