ive seen people talk about germans liking pineapples and stuff before and i never knew what they were talking about but i jsut say the german holding the pineapple in the banner up top and was wondering if that has always been there
nah it just showed up = ) the pineapple bandit put it up there = )
But i am a pineapple supporter and i am READY FOR WAR!!!
Pineapple? I don't see any pineapple. It is probably a viscous rumor spread by the grapefruit faction.

He's merely holding a plastic shopping bag with celery sticking out.
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I can honestly say that if I started a thread explaining it I would get banned, :p

Hey Corp, why don't u just PM them :p
ugh im so lost on this whole pineapple/grapefruit thing. someone wanna start a thread explaining it please. thanks!

Instead of opening another thread that would be a little redundant, do a search (top left beside the magnifiying glass. You'll find it is a Fluffy-ism that gained a little momentum.