Hey guys, for some reason, I googled asbestos...think I was checking how to spell it, and I saw this on the google page....does anyone else find this kind of weird???......

...well we do try asbestos we can.....

Ya, I know, the great God of Puns will hit me with a lightning bolt for that one...
finally, ive been looking to buy some asbestos but haven't been able to till now thanks!

LMFAO!!! i cant stop laughing at this!!!!

OMG LMFAO!!!!! and the asbestoast! i laugheD so hard i cried!!!! my abdominals hurt now. omg thanks outbreak i hadnt laughed that hard in years
Hands up! You're all under arrest for conspiring with asbestos!

your grapefruit has no authority over this post sorry thor

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