[poll] BAR Bipod???


I personally think it should because then it would balance the german support having a bigger ammo clip.

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The gun is already just as good as the STG44, if I'm not mistaken it's more powerful to make up for the smaller clip. Either way, it's already one of the easiest weapons to use (in my opinion). It doesn't need another boost, not by a long shot.
Yup, definitely. Also, the FG-42 scoped bipod mg should be included too. Love that little para gun.
BAR is fine how it is. Its not like we could change anything anyway. All the bipod did in dod classic was make mini-mgers out of support class.

Also, BAR and Stg are exactly the same aside from ammo capacity. I spend a LOT of time playing support, they behave the same and do the same amount of damage.
Shot to limb - 37.5 damage (shown as 38 if single hit, 75 if two)
Shot to chest - 50 damage
Shot to head - 125 damage
If that's wrong, I will literally eat a bug.
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Bring back bipod, bring back carbine class, bring back the british. This could go on all day

Bring back the brits! Oh how I miss the Lee-Enfield and the Bren LMG. It doesn't feel right playing as US on Flash...
Maybe we could petition Valve or something.
Na Its just one more thing that valve would have to update into the server or kendle would have to do. I say if you want a bipod go get a skin and put it in yourself.
what do you mean comeback? it was never in source.

ehh i think its fine how it is.

Bipod was highly popular in old school DOD.
Grease gun was a waste of time in my opinion though, along with that other german MG, but DEFINITELY bring the Brits back!! (bagpipe victory song rocks!)
Its fine how it is I think. Cause if you bring back the bipod the bar will over power the STG and a big part of the game is that they are equal.