Help with steam plz.... =]


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Ok, so last night, somehow someway my entire computer HDD and my entire External HDD got completely wiped out. So i reinstalled Vista today and for one, my external doesnt work anymore. but i got another so that doesnt matter.

But. now when i go to install Steam again, It says "This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify this is a valid Windows Installer package."

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? If so, please respond A.S.A.P. so i can get back on the servers and play. Thank you very much!
that just sounds like a bad setup file. Try re downloading it frsh instead of off a HDD or DVD or other saved media. Even if your downloaded it just now, you may have lost a packet or something.

BTW - you seem unconcearned that you lost two HDD. I've been using Vista since the official release with no problems. Have you speculation about the cause of this mess? Were they dead, or just erased?
its because something erased all of my drivers so i went to UPGRADE not a fresh boot, but upgrade to reinstall since i couldnt get on the internet, and then boom, it wiped out everything!!!
Ok. so i got the download to work for steam, but now when i go to re-install camp2 and other skins, There is no DoD folder in the steam apps! i re-downloaded DoD seeing as i lost my installation CDs for my steam games and it never created a folder for it :S ugggggghhhh stooopid microsoft
um,... dont you have to play it once for it to create the folders?