Medal Of Honor: Airborn


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Now I'm not a big MoH fan. Was more into CoD.. I just played the Airborne demo though and wow.. it's amazing. With the exception of little funny physics like people flying pretty far from a Kar shot. The graphics and everything else are awesome... The dropping in at the beginning of the mission is great. You can land where they tell you or inside of a broken tower... or heck right in the middle of a bunch of italians. Just don't expect to live very long. You also get upgrades to your weapons as you use them accurately. All in all it looks to be very promising and it's coming out next week. Anyone else play?
i played the game for playstation
i loved it, beat it in less than a day though :/
but the upgrades and the drops are fun
its prob better on the comp. anywayz
I played the demo and I didn't like it. Even on expert mode It was insanely easy. I just sprint around Meleeing people in the head with my thompson. The graphics are pretty sweet, but the particle affects are cheap.

Gameplay was kind of repetative despite everything being open-ended.
this one actually looks good..not thrown together in a few days as some of the others
i like MOH and COD, they are both great war games, i prefer MOH cuz i can acutally beat it without getting killed, while in COD, i tend to die alot. I tried the Airborne demo, it was hecka tight. I find it enjoyable and give it a replay value of moderately high, if i were to get it
I want to play it, it looks good. Did anyone play the medal of honor game for the Playstation? It was great! "The american has dog biscuits in his pockets."
Honestly I'm pretty surprised MoH is still in business.

I know right? I started ignoring the series after Medal of Honor: Frontline. After that I became a Call of Duty guy myself. But Airborne looks great, I got all of the upgrades on all of the guns in the demo. My Xbox 360 just died though, so I will have to wait to play the full version.

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