anyone know how to get custom ringtones on your SLVR? i have no idea
anyone know how to get custom ringtones on your SLVR? i have no idea

i tried that, but it doesnt have the option to sync ringtones on there
that i do not, but its worth a shot, and it was practically a free phone, couldnt resist, lol
Just go to walmart and look for a usb cable that fits/works with a sliver and you can transfer files over.

That's not entirely true. All carriers (so far as I know) request that the manufacturer lock out certain features in the phones, particularly Motorola phones. The reasoning behind doing this is business-related:

Your carrier would rather have you log onto the phone's internet side and download ringtones and graphics and such for "small fees," instead of you putting them on yourself. It also reduces the likelihood that you're going to accidentally screw up your phone by porting software and files to and from it, thereby reducing warranty claims and returns. I worked in corporate wireless for 6 years - trust me - carriers LOVE to lock out features so that you're forced to use their network features so they can charge you.

The solution is to is to acquire the software to hex-edit the phone's "seam," or the non-protected segment of memory, to enable features. This is typically incredibly complicated. Most Motorola phones will require a specific data cable, as well as both the "Motorola Phone Tools" and "Motorola PST" software programs. Drivers, which recognize your phone as a device, are also required.

The following link is to a site that contains TONS of phone editing information. I spent hours researching and studying their How-To guides before I was finally able to enable bluetooth, movies, file storage, and tons of other things on my Motorola E815 from Verizon. Be warned though - tinkering with your phone will instantly void your warranty.
if your phone has bluetooth then you can get a Kensington Bluetooth Key that plugs into a USB port on your computer and can then transfer files back and forth from your phone and computer. they run around 30 dollars although you might find a cheaper one from a different brand.
I think Wanderer glazed over what I just wrote. Having a phone with bluetooth, and having a bluetooth adapter on your computer, is NOT enough to transfer files. The connectivity feature within the phone is likely disabled, especially if it's a motorola (it also depends on the provider).

Don't run out and dump $30 on a bluetooth adapter before you do all the research.

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