Valve Says Choice to Make DX10 Vista-Only Hurt PC Gaming


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Valve Says Choice to Make DX10 Vista-Only Hurt PC Gaming

Good old Microsoft, trying to screw gamers and finding ways to push everyone on Vista yet again.

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Valve Says Choice to Make DX10 Vista-Only Hurt PC Gaming

"Valve's President Gabe Newell is calling Microsoft's choice to make DirectX 10 Vista-only a 'terrible mistake' that has harmed gaming. His company's latest hardware study shows the strategy has not moved gamers onto Vista. The result is that almost no one is using the newest version of DirectX, and companies are shying away from creating new input devices that support it. Nine months after release, after Christmas, after graduation, and with school mostly back in session, still only 8% of gamers are using it."
...Another reason to hate Microsoft. I tell you, if Linux wasn't a pain in the ass I'd be using it now.
Vista is more intrusive. Starting with XP onwards, Microsoft wrote it to keep closer tabs on the user.

It also pound for pound contains more bloatware than ever and has a staggering overhead. That's why they recommend faster systems with more ram to be able to run this monster.
I cant wait to see microsoft's stock dive bomb. Then vista will be cheep. Id say that after service pack 1 for vista comes out then start this hassle...
Honestly, that is why im not running DX10 for Bioshock...because I must buy Vista...but I am finally giving in and buying the Ultimate...
even whne im getting an awesome new gaming computer im not using vista. its a hassle and i would just wanna be simple. i tried vista for like 60 days. it was ok and there wasnt a humongus difference but i would rather stick to xp.
Linux isn't really that much of a pain if you spend a week or two using it instead of windows. You'll learn A LOT about computers and you won't be so dependent on Microsoft.

Definitely not a computer noobs OS, but hey, neither was Windows when it was relatively new. Even today there are lots of people who are clueless about windows.
SP1 coming soon!! Capitalism is a beautiful thing. What would the world be like without Microsoft? Death to Linux...Long Live Bill!
if you really want vista then just duel boot when your want to source it. i cant believe microsoft made their os so terrible for existing games...
Dose vista make computers crash on old computers, or is that just a rumour thats why i'm still on xp and i have no money.
See you on the severs
Yeah. I dunno. I definitely dont plan on "buying" or installing vista any time soon. Ill be using XP for a while. Theres really no reason for DX10 yet anyways. On top of that, I always optimize my stuff for FPS, not pretty pixels. Id use the lowest DX possible even if DX10 games were out, which they arnt.
major payne do you think your computer runs faster now and is better for DOD
bahh vista is evil... they're throwing 360 games on it which will be even worse on comp...
microsoft lost their heads a long time ago...