This seals the deal for me


Obey your master
I've decided after I get my surgery debt paid off - I'm getting a 360 for this game:


Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation takes air combat warfare to new heights as it boasts the new "Dynamic Operation System" where massive battles unfold on a "living battlefield," as up to six independent land, sea or air conflicts can break out at any time at multiple locations as allies and enemies clash in real-time. Players can experience the realism of war when battlefields come alive with engagingly authentic audio and visual effects: thundering explosions, dense vapor trails of air to air missiles, piercing machine gun fire, booming anti-aircraft artillery fire, mid-air explosions, gigantic columns of black smoke and more.

Prove your supremacy on a global scale as you pilot highly detailed, authentic aircraft online via Xbox Live. For an all out worldwide battle for the sky, players can choose from a variety of different online modes including the death match and team death match style game modes. Or they can team up with friends to play in co-op, where players combine strategy and skill to work together to take on computer-controlled adversaries.

You know, I never really got into a post-Golden Eye console FPS. I can never get a hold of the non-mouse controls. I have Halo 2 but I never touch it.

If I buy a 360 I'll probablly walk out of the store with AC:6, Forza 2, and PGR. Maybe Bioshock because it's supposed to be that good.
yeah i have to admit that nothing beats the mouse and keyboard combo. well if you dont like halo, gears of war is definitely worth checking out.

if you dont want to buy it, at least hit up blockbuster and rent it.

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