horrible tic


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I moved into school im on a t1 connection but my tic on any server is 20. I used to run 60 when I was at home. If I cant get it going I think I will have to leave ego and dod until school gets out =(
well schools have more extensive firewalls, so that could be slowing you down alot, compared to if you were at your house
What do you mean by "tic?" Are you referring to your ping? If so, recall that a lower ping (20) is better than the higher ping (60).
I am refferring to the rate of which data is recieved and sent. Ping is the measurement of time it takes a data packet to be sent and recieve. I want a higher tic or tick... but my ping is normal. I stay at about 56
Boojala - this tic that you speak of, where do you see that specific value indicated? What command(s) are you using to display this tic value?
Maybe i am crazy but from memory net graph3 shows fps, ping, in, out, loss, and choke. Again! - what "tic" are you tlaking about?