Playstation 3 Goes up for reservation TODAY!

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$100.00 to Reserve
Most stores are getting 8 and larger regional stores are getting 16
If your on the East Coast and reading this its prob to late.. Good luck West Coasters!

Release Date Nov. 17

Limited PlayStation 3 Pre-order

GameStop and EB Games stores will begin accepting limited pre-orders for the PlayStation 3 console on Tuesday, October 10, on a first come, first served basis. Due to extremely limited supply, we expect to deplete this allocation very quickly, most likely in minutes. We will not accept additional pre-orders at this time. To avoid an unnecessary trip we strongly recommend you call your local store to determine availability. A $100 reservation deposit is required, which can be funded with cash, credit or trade.
At first I had great intentions of buying a PS3 when I first heard of it a year or so ago. When I saw the pricetag, though, those intentions went out the window. Plus, the Xbox greatly overpowers the PS2, and so I believe it will be the same story with the 360 and PS3. Both systems will always be improving throughout the years, but the 360 has a better controller and a better selection of games so far, I think. Plus, there has been little to no actual gameplay footage of ANY PS3 launch title - it's all cinematics you're looking at. But I don't mean to rain on your parade - by all means, have fun with it, and good luck. I don't think it's even necessary to preorder it because I strongly doubt it will sell out.
Well with gamming i agree but i have a buddy who owns a 360 and when we play we need to turn it off after an hour or two becasue it overheats way too easy. I don't know much about the PS3 but i have heard that it's gonna be amazing. and 100 bucks to pre-order a game system thats commin out eventuly...i think thats strange...but if you realy want it go for it but i agree with noxus and i say its not realy worth the pre-order when yo can just buy it when it comes out. Even if it sells out the first day you have the rest of your life to buy the system.


"We all knew it was inevitable. The entrepreneurial amongst us woke up early, climbed out of their warm beds, and dragged themselves to the local Gamestop to claim their spot in line. A couple short hours later, and $100 down, a handful of lucky gamers that were early enough walked out with a slip of paper that sort of promises them a shiny, new PlayStation 3 ...

... which they took home and promptly placed on eBay, in the hopes of reproducing last year's outrageous Xbox 360 profits. Yup, eBay is being overrun with PlayStation 3 pre-order promises, priced as high as $2500 to start!

Well, they just hit the $15,000 mark !dodge
Boy, they'll be pretty bummed out when they realize they could have bought a nice PC with that money.
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