TF2 DL Commendation Award

Congratulations to Atten!

TF2 eGO member Atten has dedicated himself to seeding and recruiting on our Valve Maps rotation server. He has made it his home away from home. Through his efforts, this server has risen into the Top 50 TF2 servers. We appreciate his efforts and have awarded him with TF2's first DL Commendation medal.
Congrats man could not have been given to a better person. Now you should seed other severs jk. But congrats man
Congrats, Atten! If anyone deserves this, it's you! Thanks for keeping Valve Maps on the top! It's one of my favorite servers, so I really appreciate how your efforts have kept it off the chopping block.
congratulations, Atten! Had a great time gaming with you against Red team on ctf_well, and playing against you on cp_steel yesterday.
Grats man. this guy deserves this soo much, he is always getting people to either go play or seed that map.

atten was the right choice for this award, i cant count on hand how many times he came into the IRc asking for us to seed 0.o

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