Hey everyone, I decided too sell my dreaded laptop, everything else was fantastic but it had a intel gfx.

I have about $465. The problem if i build a computer (AMD X2 4200, ATI 1950gt), is I don't have a monitor. I'm on strict budget.

I need a laptop that runs DoD Source, and/or CS Source. Probably the same one with ATI X300 (LOL!!). Can anyone help me out? I maybe able to get some little bit more money, but 465 is my limit.

Anything is ok, eBay, or w/e. I only have the money in PayPal, so.. thanks!


PS: I don't know much about Processors, as I'm like a geek professional at Graphics. But, not on mobile ones. I heard Celeron M have much improved, but Semprons are better, I've seen ones that have 512mb RAM, Celeron/Sempron, with nVidia 6200 or ATI x200/x300/x1100/x1150.
Well what do you want to know about processors? I would love a good processor discussion.

You dont get cellerons or semprons for gamming. But then again you dont get a gaming laptops for under $2,000 - not new ones anywyas. You can get laptops that play games decentlyish for much less but they arent gamming laptops.
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ill sell u my other monitor to my newer computer

how bout it?

Can I have the Specs please? Thanks!

and Well. about the laptop, I used to have a eMachine 64 3200+, 1gb RAM, ATI X200. And it ran DoD Source for fine. I don't see why a X300, or X1150 cannot. but thats just me. In refurbished there is a Dell M60, gig ram, Geforce FX 5900 (Quadro FX 700), and 1920x1200 panel. Idk well I guess i should save up, but I need to get it soon
I saw new ones for 400-500, variants, 1 gig ram, dvd burner, 100 gig harddrive, either celeron, or turion 64 (theyr 999x better i kno, but theyr all hard to come by), all with a ATI X300 graphics card. I just need about 30 fps at DX7 or DX8 mode in 640x480 (ugh dreadful).