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I have a question what would be the best college or place to get into. to learn about it work thanks
A common misconception - even I was once a victom of it in highschool. ::sigh::

At the college level you have several electronic / computer related degrees. Here are a few from my school:

Electrical / Computer Engineering
Electrical / Computer Engineering Technology
Computer Science
Information Systems Engineering
New Media

"Computer IT" as most people think of it - is not present in college. You go to ITT tech or some 6 week or 2 year school and or you can get a+ certified, Cisco or Microsoft Certified by reading a text and taking a test.

Here is a scenario -
Ford motor company highers Electrical Engineers to put circuitry together to read the cylindar 1 information (fuel, oxygen, cumbustion, etc). A computer science major writes the code that runs on the circuitry. A computer engineer works with both the electrical engineer and the computer science major acting as a median who understands a little of both.
Later on, the circuit fails and they send electrical engineering technology majors to go figure it out and fix it using the diagrams the electrical engineers already made.
It goes into production and when the car's check engin light turns on - they use a handhelld computer to read the coades. The computer itself was made by an electrical / computer engineer but the interactive menu system was designed by the information systems engineer.
scenario over.

Basically, the engineers design, create, understand
the engineering techs figure out, fix, replace
comp science are known as programmers
ISE - intermediate between actions and user experiances - mostly software
new media is visual - photoshop / cad / design / layout
there is also aplication design engineering and many others but way way way way down low way down here are the computer IT people. If you look online you can get an IT job out of highschool for good money if you can use linux - understand windows troubleshooting and can set up networks. All you need to know is how to use servers and your good to go in IT.

I mean think about it - after you buy the parts any kid with a screw driver can assemble a computer. The hardest part is the purchasing of parts.

To answer your original question - depending on what feild you want to get into the schools will vary. One school with a kickbut Computer Science dept might have a crummy engineering dept.

In general Seracuse, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MIT, North Eastern University are all great schools from the north east. I got accepted to WPI but could not afford the tuition, so I am going to the university of Maine because the university of new hampshire (where I live) has a better Computer Science department but UMaine has a superior Computer Engineering program.

------Sorry for length-------
Case Western Reserve University has an excellent Computer science and engineering school. It costs a pretty penny though.
If you want to get into IT, Im assuming you mean like the IT dept of a corporation that handles servers, networks, email, databases, etc or do you mean you want to get into programming? Please clarify.

Depending on what you want to do will help better form an answer.

I got a degree in Information Systems Technology but didnt learn crap :D

That didnt stop me from becoming the Technical Operations Manager for a large website either :D
This question is best answered by your counselor. He/she will know what classes are necessary for completion of specific degrees. He/she will also know what classes are transferable to other state colleges and universities. They also have connections with with corporate recruiters and will be able to give you an idea of what the workforce is looking for in an IT specialist.

Go talk to your counselor.
Sorry IT for servers is there any good books i can buy and learn my self. I know it looks better if you go to a university just wondering if there was any books so i can get a look at it before i decide thats what i want to do.
If you're talking about Windows based servers (application servers, IIS servers, Enterprise servers, etc..) I would make every effort to learn the ins and outs of Networking, Active Directory and Group Policy Objects.
I'm a network engineer. What helped me was getting a two year degree from a technical college in computer electronics. Once you learn basic electronis, digital electronics, and data communications you really understand a lot of the stuff in use today.

If you just want to get your hands dirty and get started... Pick up a few good books and start studying for the CompTIA A+, Network +, and Server + (in that order) certifications.

The trick is finding what area in IT you are good at AND you enjoy. Don't get into something you hate just for the money. Also every IT field out there is going to require ongoing learning and certification. If you are not willing to spend a lot of time learning new things your entire career you might want to consider another field.