Headset Question

becasue it was for ps2 im gonna assume it was a usb connection?

if so you will need driver software to run it. Just plug it in and see if windows (im assuming ur on windows) and see if windows hardware thingy detects it and if it can find the drivers for you.

If it doesnt u mite need to search arround the net for a bit
Thanks for the advice but I cant seem to get anything. Oh well...it won't be too big of a hassle to go pick up a cheap mic somewhere. Thanks again for the help.
I've tried it many times, spent hours looking for drivers online, but it just seems like it wasn't meant to be. Besides, I'm already shopping around for a new mic.
thread resurection for the loss, please dont keep posting in threads that have been dead for like 2 weeks and the problem probably already resolved if you are not gonna offer some good information that will help the person lol