COD4 Royal Rumble - TONIGHT !



Introducing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's FIRST Royal Rumble!

What is a "Royal Rumble"? Well. Here are the rules.


One team is made up of people in leadership, the other, you guys!
We will have a Royal Rumble! An EPIC BATTLE!
Normal Team Death Match. Using all weapons.
One rule, if a member of the leadership knives you, you need to leave the server!
Leadership does not have to leave if you guys knife us, only if we knife you.
You then leave the server in SHAME! :D
You ARE able to return! But you must disconnect from the server.
If you don't loose your spot, and you can reconnect, well be prepared to be knifed AGAIN!
So if you dont get in right away, keep trying!​


Friday, March 13th. (TONIGHT)

7:00 PM PDT (Daylight Savings Time)
8:00 PM MNT (Daylight Savings Time)
9:00 PM CDT (Daylight Savings Time)
10:00 PM PM EDT (Daylight Savings Time)
2:00 AM GMT


=(eGO)=? 24/7 Crash​


This will be instead of Spec Ops tonight. Come ready to battle at 10:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) though!
Password will be in VENTRILO.
As you may notice, there is no end time. We will end it when ever we want! As soon as we can't keep the server full, i will remove the password, but your welcome to stay.

Any questions please PM me!
Xfactor. Leadership means advisor and up. But if not Enoch leaders show up, we will ask eGO to come on the leadership side. This event is open to all leadersip, so you may see some manes you have never seen before.

Also, if you guy happens to knife one of us in leadership* get a screen shot and use it for bragging rights

* impossible
:D oh I gotta knife some of you :D and Someone needs to get ahold of =(eG)= Kinfe that kid is crazy good at using knife
I never thought about what map we shoul play on. When we get in the sever we can decide what map. We can also change it as we play.