Turtle Beach Keeps On Giving

From Sloppie:
The sound is great!!! It has like 4 speakers in it, 5.1 Surround sound.....

You gotta get one of these headsets!

Thanks again guys

You know you are in a cool gaming community when we are giving out gear!

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I want to get one someday. :) The specs look really good. I would really like to hear some feedback on them from some of our members that have used them. Are they comfy on the ears and head when you wear them for long periods?
How much do they go for, on average? My billfold isn't exactly bursting at the seams at the moment.

And can you get these at like an everyday department store, because ordering online has caused me more than a few problems before :(

~Burning Shadow
I so need one. I need to post a pic of my "poor kid" setup. Logitech headset with a mic that doesn't work so I have an old mic I used for djing hooked up and I lost my mic stand so it's sitting in an empty lid from a spool of blank cds. I really need to win a Turtle Beach Headset since my stupid house payments are needing all my money. . .(and much more I don't have right now)
Congrats...... !!! Sloppie !!!

I picked my self up a pair of The Ear Force HPA2 5.1 channel Surround Sound PC Headphones. MAN ! THESE things are alsome! I had know idea what i was missing in the games and playing music useing the head set. They are by far the best head set I have ever used.
I had a look at those today. They looked amazing...and i was thinking about buying one at best buy haha turtle beach blows them out of the water!

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