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wot jobs as everone got or wot corses at collage/uni/school do ppl do ?

i am a psycriatric nurse lol !alien http://www.nsch-tr.wmids.nhs.uk/site/location.php3?locn_id=55 <<<<<<<<<thats where i work. dam place lol
just think it would be cool to find out wot everyone does
!amazed some ppl say i act just like the peaple in my ward .so wot does this mean lol hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i wonder wot will happen if i micowave my head lol
Im a senior in high school with AP and honor courses and right now i have only applied to places fora part time job. I am supposed to be hearing back about a job at a golf course called preston which actually holds professional tours and stuff but nothing so far. :(
I creat and design the layouts of private jets, court buildings museums basically i spoil people and the government. nothing fancy.

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I ref soccer games. Make up to $30 for a 90 minute game, not bad for a 14 year old.


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Dude i voted you not crazy. I have seen you play and your not bad. Plus i think your accent is sweet.
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