Wal-Mart is very HAPPY!!!

Hey everyone, Something very exciting happened to me on Saturday and I must tell you the story.......I was on the computer and my mom yells my name, So I come outside and she says "Bob has something for you" (Bob is my neighbor) .....so I came outside thinking he was going to ask me to do his lawn like I have done before, But....this time is says...."You want a car?"....and me, not sure whats going on say "Sure?"....and he throws me some keys....and I FREAK OUT INSIDE!!!! !amazed ......went outside, and there it was, my first CAR!!!! ....it was a car that he had had for a while, he has a benz right now, so the car he gave me was just sitting in his garage....he said the reason he just gave it to me is because it had a blue book value of $300 ....My neighbor has always been cool to us, but this just made him about 10000 times cooler in my book ;) ......not the best car out there but, it runs nice and nothing critically wrong with it, but for FREE, ya cant go wrong, I love it.....by the way, its 1988 oldsmobile cutlass..........anyway, here she is.........

Nice nice!

What are you going to name it?

Not sure if I want to name it or not....but you could sure give suggestions :)

On anther note: The car came with a crapy radio, screen was broken so if I changed the station, I coulndt find it again !grr, in fact, I cant even find how to change the radio station !dodge ....anyway, my friend is crazy with stereos, so he gave me his old CD deck and after a day or 2, trip to the junk yard, and his wiring, it works like a dream....I R SO HAPPY
Nice, but it'll eat gas like a sieve.... but what the hell, YOU'VE GOT WHEELS!!!

My dad did the same thing when I was a kid....neighbour as well.
Well its a 4-cylinder and my neighbor said its good on gas :D And he gave it to me with almost a full tank of gas......that doubled its value right there ;)
Congrats man. That car is the same age as me lol. yeah a 4 banger should get great gas mileage.

Its newer than anything i drive, one of my cars is 31 years old, the other is 53 years old lol.