Girls to guys.....part II

Ok, so awhile back I started a thread about the ratio between girls and guys in video games.. well, now I ask the ratio of girls to guys at ur school. I just started college, and the ratio for me is 6 girls for every guy, pretty good Eh. Anywho what about u guys?
lol i dont know the gg ration but we did a poll at our school.
60% of the school population is asian(chinese,Japanese,and Korean)
30% of the perople are couloured(brown, persians)
8% of the school is russian
2% of the school is white/black.
This is out of over 1700 ppl
This is not ment to be derogitory, offensive or racist at all but yea.
In my opinion theres not much choice for a whiteboy in my high school
At my school there are about 50 girls and over 500 boys. Just because girls in general don't like chemistry and stuff...
the girls are nice in california...but not at my school...there is only one good looking girl (thought id be modest) and she is a junior...and the rest are *owch my eyes my eyes they burn* sucks...but the girls i know at other schools are good looking too (more modesty)