Photoshop Help

I have a ton of images that I want to be transprent, so I only see the image not the boarder around it, example, in this picture I just want the banana as my pic, but there is a boarder around it makeing it a squure


how do I get rid of this so only the strawberry shows? I HAVE PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 5!!!

Thanx for any help..I tired looking it up online and it made me confused and a little mad :D
I am not familiar with "Elements 5." However, one way to do it in Photoshop is to use some tools to SELECT the strawberry. After it's selected, you can COPY it and PASTE it onto a new file with the background set as transparent.

Use the MAGIC WAND to select the undesired background. Then right click, and Invert Selection - that will change the selection from the background to the berry. At that point, you can begin the process of moving the berry to a transparent background.

You may have to play with the settings and sensitivity of the Magic Wand to get a clean, refined selection.
You're welcome. If you still have problems, post back and I'll try to help you further.

It's good to see another Newgrounds fan, by the way.
Outbreak - if he changes the background to the color of the website, then it will only work with THIS website. It needs to be transparent so that he can use the image anywhere.

Setting the background to the color of the website won't be as effective.