I need help with Sig


I made one post
Ok someone made me a signature and now im not sure on how to upload it onto my sig i go to settings and click jpg but i dont know what to do from here anyone help?
i had that problem once go to photobucket.com (<----- recommend taht) then sign up on the site then just upload the pictures from ur computer in ur profile and then when u scroll down u have them down their with the url and just click url and right click save onto pc then put it in ur sig place!!!!
No, if they've already made a sig and posted it on a website somewhere, it doesn't need to be uploaded again. Just find the URL for the image (either they'll have given it to you or you'll find it here: right-click > Properties > Location), go to you settings, and paste that into your 'Signature' box. Then just highlight what you just pasted and click the little 'Tree' icon on the bottom toolbar.

By the way, just so you know, <-- that over there is an avatar and V that down there is a sig.