QUestion about the [hXc] thingy in name

Drunk Baby [JR]

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hey i have seen 2 people with teh [hXc] thing in their name Emoraiden and SaOsin is that like a different part of the clan like spetnez is from kustom kettle.... thank you
naw it just means their harcore lolz, a-team, theransom! and battlemoose are the others I've seen with that tag, theRANSOM! once told me to join and throw on the [hXc] tag, but declined lolz, dont think its anything serious though lolz
heh i remember first getting the [hXc] =D along with my =(e)=....great times...great times
No I suggest not putting on those tags. It's another clan I guess and you never belonged to [hXc] have you? If not, don't.

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