The Jury has SPOKEN!!...

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I HOPE JUSTICE IS SERVED, Im a pet owner, I accept his apology, but will never forgive for what he did, just think if that was my doggs he was doing that too:(
suga...did you hear his apology? he never said im srry for the deaths of dogs etc. he only said he was srry for his immateur (spelled that wrong) acts...i find that kinda funny...just wondreing
The fact of the matter is that some people just don't value an animal's life as having any worth. It can be due to religious beliefs, poor experiences with animals, broken/nonexistent relationships with them, or really any number of things. There's basically no way you could ever get him to really appreciate the life of a dog, he'll always see it as something worth much less than another person would. I wouldn't have believed him if he did apologize for the deaths of those dogs.
A dog is a best mans friend. I wouldn't believe that a-hole if his tounge came notarized. All i can say fellas is that karma is a bitch
i am an animal lover and love wolves a whole bunch but if he is at least not going to do it again i would let him go. still its sad if people just abuse animals that way. i dont think michael vick will be in eGO anytime soon cuz he isnt that mature =P. if he does it again throw him in jail for a year or 2.
death michael vick would train dogs to fight then they would fight other dogs they would eventually get hurt and die and if he had any weak dogs he would kill them. and im glad he's going to jail i would say at least 5+ years not 5- years
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he deserves to go to jail

i think he already lost his contract and is going to jail
lol anthrax wat system?

death how do u not know that, i eve knew that!!! lol thats b/c i watch the news though =P.

so hold up he is going to jail? and if so for how long?
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