Well, I've started working on the guide, but there is soooooo much about Avalanche. Like where sniping spots and mg spot are, but then there are the seemingly infinite routes the other classes could go. But for now this is just a sample. Let me know your opinions.

What You Must Expect at the Start of the Round​

1. Allied

Allied are at a disadvantage because of where they are (at the bottom of the hill). There are many threats to look out for, especially if a player chooses to rush the Middle Flag (also known as the Fountain, or just plain Mid), or if a player chooses to go into church.

A. Middle Route(Church Included):

1. MG42

One of the early killers of the round, the MG42 will probably be placed on the ledge over the Axis Second Flag. In the hands of the a veteran gunner, he will probably mow down everyone he can see trying to enter the church or trying to capture the Mid. Even in the hands of a new player, he is still a threat. The best way to eliminate this threat is by sniping him or hitting him with a rocket. If one of the Allied snipers can set up early either from the crack of the Yellow Apartment Building or in the Fake Doorway before the Church Entrance, they can sniper him down from his perch. A rocket can also take him down, again, either from the corner of the Apts., or in the crack in the Yellow Apt. If a sniper or rocket cannot take him down fast enough, try using smoke grenades to make him fire into the cloud. You have a better chance of living that way. Try to place the smoke in between the closest sandbag to the Mid and the Church Entrance, or place it near that same sandbag.

2. Snipers

That ledge is a great spot for the Germans. Yes, the same ledge where the MG42 may possibly be set up can also be a home for a sniper. If the sniper is talented, he may be able to pick off a number of people heading for the Mid or the Church. But the sniper can also be taken down the same way as the MG, either let him take a taste of his own medicine, or send a rocket to his face.

3. Grenades

This is one of the reasons why rushing the Mid can be tough. As Allied, there is almost no way to get your grenades to their “kill zone”, but they sure can throw their grenades to yours. It physics, you’re on the bottom of the hill throwing your grenades up, they are on the top throwing down, they obviously have the advantage in grenades. Because not only do they throw farther, but with the downward slope, they can go even farther down if not cooked. Unfortunately, I cannot think of a way to avoid grenades except if you are the first out of the spawn and in the relative safety of the Church, or in the relative safety of the Apts.

4. Panzerschreck

This maybe something you might not see every round, but still is a threat. That same ledge for the sniper and MG can also house a rocket class to send a round down to the “kill zone”. Either by being timed right or just lucky, he may get one or more kills, depending on how bunched up the Allied team is. The guy with the rocket may also be in the V Crack. Usually they fire only one round then move to another spot, but if he still lingers, then pick him off with a sniper or send a rocket back to say, “Thanks for staying!”

And theres more to come! xD
well done but its a good thing theres more to come. you should add general strategy, good camping spot for both teams and write some stuff for the axis to do...
I disagree with Allies being at a disadvantage. Strongly. If both teams have players with equal skill, I do believe there would be no difference. Want to know what causes the Army to lose majority of the time? Loss of the apartments, and not keeping AT LEAST the entrance to the church in check.

The Apartments lead to the Army's first and second flag very easily if no one is covering it. The church's entrance on the Army's side leads to the second flag and into the apartments. Not to mention it's a place where MGs/Snipers can sit around and hinder the teams progress.

The Panzerchreck is MORE than a threat than a sniper on Avalanche. Even if you may be able to kill one off, rockets might be flying your way already. There are 2 major spots that I usually go to help control the game when on the Wehrmacht: V crack, and top of Church. Those two spots have the most range of view. One spot has easier shots to hit than another.

As for the grenades I disagree as well. There's a reason why apartments are one of the most important parts to their side. There are FEW, VERY few people who will jump from the windows or at least throw grenades from there. Want to know why you call it a kill zone? Because people walk in there knowing that people are going to throw grenades. There's a thing called patience.

Snipers? Yes. Can go places most of the time where MG's are. But they shouldn't be like the MG's. They should move from spot to spot. Even though the dark door way (Bottom of the cellar for Wehrmacht) is great for taking out 2nd and sometimes hard to notice to hit but DOES NOT move, Army's grenades/rocket can hit them up easily. Snipers/Rockets have to keep their eyes out on the double windows as well. Anyone sitting a little too far left of 2nd or heading up to church may get their head removed.
I agree with you Mann on everything, but how often do teams have equal skill? Well, if it is often, then they don't play when I do. The Apartments are important, but I think after Allied takes the Axis Second, then at least have one or two people going thru the Apartments. But if Allied can set up a MG on the Church Ledge then he should be able to cover the entrance to the Apartments. All the MG needs to look out for is a rifleman or sniper in the Double Windows, V Crack, or Wine Cellar(which should have a couple of Allied guys going thru). After we can secure the Apt. entrance, I believe we should have a majority going up the Mid, then break up into two groups, one going to the 1st through the front, and a group to go thru the Wine Cellar, and several others to go thru church, just to keep the pressure on them. The kill zone for me is the area in between the sandbag nearest Mid and Church.
The reason why I stated teams of equal skill is just a basis for why I say there's no complete advantage / disadvantage to either side. So of course there are going to be a lot of one sided games sometimes for those who do have experience of the map and know how to work their way around.

For Army, completely keeping control of the Apartments and being able to make it into the church safely can hold the game for awhile, assuming those who are over the 2nd can prevent the opposite side from moving down the middle.

Here's how I believe that Army should be in order for to win:

1 sniper above 2nd, 1 sniper moving from apartments to possibly church.
1 MG over their own 2nd, and Axis's 2nd. Being placed is a matter of preference that should be adapted to the situations.
Rocket: Apartments hands down. Even though church has a nice view of the middle, won't be as advantageous.

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