Kustom Kettle 2 - Orange Maps Now Live!


Poster Extraordinaire
As if one Kustom announcement today wasn't enough, eGO and the Kustom Kettle is pleased to launch attempt #905830483 at figuring out what to do with server number 6.

Server 6, at:

is now exclusivly set to run the crazy custom maps known as "Orange Maps". These are small, intense maps, designed for pure and uninhibited chaos. Give it a try today!

All maps are small, and will download from the server in under a minute!

Maps in rotation:

Not my favorite, but a good strategy to get more players as they are popular of late.
So does this mean you guys are going to keep this server as these or are you just doing this for the remainder of the time that is left?
Meh we'll see. As with anything, if its really successful, it'll stick around. If its not, then it'll go.

Its survival is based on YOU, the players. :)
Just got done playing for 3 or 4 straight hours, had a blast. I'll be playing there quite a bit, along with the other Kettle server as much as I can.
ego should get an orange server, i love the intensity on the figthing.
hope to see you on the servers,