DoD...being weird


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Ok i just tried to log on to DoD and i went to go to my favorites and your server wasnt listed... I dont know it this happends to anyone but sometimes all of my favorite severs(well your sever is the only one) are gone and it says no favorite severs... Any thoughts?? ;)
This happens to me too... The way to get the favs to show up, I have too look at them out of a game. Whenever I launch a game, it doesn't show up. Ur right, steam has quite a few flaws.
ya i just pick the server out of the list by its name.. Since u can have the names line up i just look for the 24/7 and find our server.. and ya that happens to me were it doesnt save my favs and all the server info is grouped together on the far right..
if u can put all the ego servers on xfire in ur favs because steam loses them all the time so i just got tired of looking for it everytime i wanted to join

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